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what should i do my phone is very slow

 We all buy mobiles, that smartphone runs fine for a few days, after that it starts working slow. And we keep fighting with that. Because we do not know the way to correct it, due to which we keep running the smartphone as it is running. 

If you are troubled by the slow running of your mobile, then you can adopt this method.
what should i do my phone is very slow

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If your phone is slow then follow this method

So don't worry about this problem today. We will give you some such tips. Due to which you will be able to correct your mobile or smartphone.

Extra Notification Off

First of all, you will go to the settings of your mobile, after that the setting page will open, then in its search bar, you will write app notifications, after that you will see the complete list of apps. Some notifications will be kept on and some notifications will be off. But what you have to do is get the notification you need. Just keep it on and turn off all other notifications.

Storage Space

After that, you have to make space in your storage, that means all the extra files that will not be used, those files have to be deleted from your storage, try to save all the files in it by putting external storage.

Delete Apps You Don’t Use

If the number of apps in your smartphone is more then due to this also your mobile will run slow because the number of your apps can run according to your RAM.  You will have to delete or uninstall all those apps that are not used in your mobile.

Use website instead of application

In today's time, the use of mobile laptop smartphones is very high, you must be seeing that the need of laptop is also increasing day by day in today's time. For this reason, many websites have apps and they are running side by side, but in smart phones most of the people use the app and on laptops most of the websites are used, 

then some which are such apps. Where we come to do the same work on the website. And do the same work on the app, then in such a situation I would say that you use the website. Uninstall the app. This will have less effect on your love. So if there is such an app in your mobile that we can run the work from the website, then install such apps and use the website instead.

 Are the data cables shot? 

Sometimes what happens is that our data cable is about to  not shot. If there is a shot, then it should be replaced immediately. Because your mobile can also be slow due to data cable.

Operating System Update

Your mobile gets updates from time to time. This should be taken care of. You type your settings in the search bar 'Software Update, Or you are given a message from the software. So if you don't update. then your phone will run slow

Monday, June 7, 2021

If you want to take best smartphone of your choice, then follow this method


Choose the mobile of your choice like this
Mobile choice problem solved

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Choose the smartphone of your choice

Often there is a lot of confusion in choosing a mobile.  We are not able to decide which mobile we should take which is not.

So today we are going to tell you a way by which you can choose the mobile of your choice and you will be hundred percent satisfied for it.

We take most of the mobiles online only, offline such good mobiles or details about them are not available, so most of the people prefer to buy mobiles online, in which we can see a lot of variety and can also choose our choice.

We tell you how we can do the mobile of our choice from one such company Amazon.

First of all go to amazon side or

As soon as we open the app. Then we will click on mobile option. Then you will see something like this. after that you will come down .So you will see written

 find the right smartphone for you                                                                         as written below

Choose the mobile of your choice
find the right smartphone for you

source - mobile screenshot  

 You have to give some of your details here. After that you will get the result

Some details to get the smartphone of your choice

click on  find the right smartphone for you  after that you will see this type screen

RAM according to you
 how much RAM smartphone do you want

You must be in your mind that how much RAM smartphone do you want?
you will get the option to fill RAM . How much RAM do you  need? You can give your choice according to your work. In mobile, both work and speed are based on RAM.

Internal memory for your smartphone

Now let's move on. Now we will go down in the mobile, you will see another option where it will be written internal memory, now we have to fill the internal memory according to our need.
Internal memory for your smartphone

Internal memory for your smartphone

camera for your choice smartphone

You must be watching these days. That the mobile which does not have a good camera, the demand for that smartphone also decreases. That is, every person wants that the camera of his mobile is good. For this, Amazon has also given the option of filling the camera in it. You can fill how many megapixels the camera needs according to your choice. According to your need. as you wish.

With this you will also get a selfie camera of your choice. In this also you will get the option to fill the selfie camera, in which you can fill the camera according to the megapixels of your choice.

Battery for your choice smartphone

After this you get the option that how many mAh you need battery in your smartphone, you have any option is also given, you can fill this option by your own steps as per your choice.

Display for your choice smartphone

After this, you will also get the option to fill the display of your choice, there you can fill the display of your choice, in which quality do you want the display and how big you want.

I hope if you buy a mobile or smartphone in this way, then you will definitely be able to get the mobile of your choice.

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Sunday, May 30, 2021

What is 5G and how will the 5G network impact our lives.

how will the 5G network impact our lives.
What is 5G and how will the 5G network impact our lives.

What is 5G and  5G network impact our lives.

 Right now there is going to be a big change in the network world, which will be the game changer moment of life

The unlocked phone used to run in 1G time. With which only talk could be done. This was the period. When talking to mobile was considered a big things. But after some time the 2G network arrived. Means second generation network. 

2G Network

Second Generation Network 2G. At this time, we could also message from mobile. And could also do voice recording. By this time the network had almost started.

3G Network

Now it was the turn. Third Generation Network. The third generation network started sending video messages and audio messages.Smartphones, digital devices, and broadband began to be used at this time.

4G Network

Now 4G was about to be launched. When 4G was launched, a lot of things happened. 4G gave Net Speed ​​and made a big move in the entertainment world.

5G Network

Now we are going to talk about 5G. 5G is being seen as a game changer, which is being discussed all over the world. 5G is like going from Earth to Mars. Companies are facing a lot of difficulties to launch 5G.

5G network impact our lives.

After 5G there will be a change in your life. It is believed that. Experts believe that the machines will talk to each other. Millions of devices have been connected to 5G and she will be able to give her decision in coordination with her decision.

This device like digital signal road light, means of traffic, toll tax, helping point etc. will be connected to many devices and machines with 5G.

Our life will become very easy. We will be able to control our car from home and will be able to control all the devices of our house by sitting in one place. Whether it will be able to control the house live TV fan music system door window sitting in all of them.

Due to 5G, doctors will be able to do their work very easily. Doctors will be able to do operations like machines with the help of machines.

source - the lallantop 

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How to fix mobile screen touch when it is not working


How to fix screen touch problem
not work screen touch

Often you have seen that the screen touch of your new mobile does not work, due to which you go to a mechanic or you can complement the company that owns your mobile, but I will tell you some tips today, due to which maybe Your screen touch starts working.

How to fix mobile screen touch

By the way, you already know that mobile has become a part of our life, without which it can be very difficult to live now. All our needs are about 30%, what we want for the lifestyle or physical thing that we want is now happening through mobile.

Now let us tell you without delay that there are some important things about how you can correct the screen touch of the mobile.

Dust in mobile charging point

You should always keep your charging point clean. Sometimes what happens is that when the charging point gets dusty, then your screen touch stops working, it should be cleaned from time to time, but keep in mind the charging point is clean While either the mobile switch is off or if its battery can drain, then the battery should be removed only then clean your charging point, that too with a very soft brush.

Remove screen guard of your mobile

Sometimes what happens is that the air between the screen guard and the main screen fills. Due to which the screen touch does not work. Which once check your screen guard before going to any mechanic. That there is no air in the middle of it. Or the screen card may start to work in case it is removed from the screen guard.

Mobile hang screen touch does not work.

Sometimes what happens when your mobile hangs. So your screen touch does not work at that time. What you click on does not happen. It goes somewhere else. This means that we want to do something else but it becomes something else. So you have to first switch off your mobile. Then after 5 minutes turn on the mobile and turn off all notifications of your mobile and also stop running your background app. After that your mobile screen touch can work.

Factory reset mobile.

Sometimes what happens is that the mobile you are hanging or the mobile has more apps or your mobile has more Tata or some virus has come. In that case we factory reset the mobile. After resetting the factory, keep the mobile switched off for 5 minutes. After that, turn on again, your mobile will definitely work and the screen touch will also run smoothly.

Install antivirus.

Install antivirus in your mobile. Try that you buy antivirus and not free antivirus. Free antivirus works very rarely, so buy antivirus and install it in your mobile, it will not allow any crypt files in your mobile to come into the mobile.

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how to data recover and delete data from Iphone android

 Today I am going to tell you a very important thing about mobile data. Do not ever make this mistake. how to data recover from mobile .

how to data recover

mobile data recover

There is no country in our world where there is no cyber crime. This is due to data theft. Cybercrime is increasing day by day . Whenever a mobile becomes dead, its memory bank has all its data which is taken from the data recover lab.

This data is recovered so that no one steals your data. We should also pay attention to the fact that we do not sell our old mobile to anyone. Even if you sell, you sell only after deleting all your data.

how to data recover in lab-

Whenever your mobile is dead, your data is important. So you can bring it back. Or can recover. For that you will first have to go to the data recover lab. From where you can data recover your mobile . That mobile is switched on in the lab. Means that data is activated. And after activating that data is cloned and sent to another hard disk.

How to delete my mobile data -

If you change your mobile, then recover the data from your first mobile. After that delete the data of mobile .If you do not delete the mobile data , then you may have to suffer loss. Because your data can be stolen. There are two way to delete mobile data .

1. Logical deletion -

By delete the data in this way , the data is deleted but remains in the mobile . this means that we do not see that data but it stays in the mobile , it means that the data dose not die . Let us show you another way.

2. Physical deletion-

In this way the mobile data will be completely delete . After that the data will not be able to be recovered.

Whenever a mobile has to be changed , it recovers the of the old mobile and then deletes that data . It is often the case that we delete normal data , which easily recovers that data. Mostly make mistakes but now we should be careful that we do not leave any data in old mobile and delete it completely .

Iphone -

How to delete data in Iphone tell you . If you have an iphone. So we will delete the data of the iPhone in this way. We will go to the first setting of the phone. After going to settings, we will go to the reset option. After that in the reset option, you will see Erase All Content by going to this option, we will delete our data. In this way we can delete all the data of our phone. This is just for iPhone.

Setting - Reset - erase all content setting

this will delete all your data . And will not recover .

android -

If you have an Android phone , then you will delete the in this way . If you have an Android phone, then we will go to the settings for it first. After going to Settings, we will go to Security. After going to security we will get encryption, click on ENCRYPTION and our data will start getting deleted, it will take some time.

setting - security - Encryption

While deleting data in Android, you have to keep your mobile on charging. This process takes some time. After that go to the settings of the phone and go to backup and reset. There will be factory reset option, after clicking on factory reset option, all data will be deleted from your mobile.

After that, data will not be recovered.

In this way we can tell our data from being stolen and we can stay away from cybercrime, our only effort is that we all can take advantage of what we know. And we will do data recovery from our old phone thank you

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

best five smart device for home in India 2020

 best five smart devise   in 2020

I am going to tell you about some device without which our life seems incomplete. Which I will tell you about 5 devices

so lets start

1. Mobile phone

you must be well aware of MOBILE. How useful it is in our lives. As much as the benefits are from mobile, there are some disadvantages as well.  We have a lot of time savings with mobile. The time it used to send a message to someone, is not used now. mobile is a great devise for talking. In our life, many problems are overcome with mobile. Our house has been made digital from mobile, recently 5G network has also been launched, which has made more things digital.  
Nowadays LED lights have also come to smart LED lights.  We can control the lights from our smartphone
           Mobile is the dominant of all smart devices.  We do a lot of work sitting at home from mobile.  Mobile making companies are giving so many functions.  Whether electricity bill, water bill, gas bill, phone bill can be deposited sitting at home.  And recently new apps are also being launched with which we can switch off the fans, turn off the lights and can also run.  We can also use mobile as a TV remote.  

 2. Smart Alexa                                                                                              

                                         click hare:- do you want learn trigonometry angle chart

You must have seen and heard about smart speakers on Google.  Smart speaker means such a device.  The device with which a lot of work is done.  He can also do work sitting at your door just by speaking.  This device is also known as Alexa.  Amazon can buy a smart speaker in the name of Alesa.
smart device alexa

         We can hear news songs from Alexa. She also in her language of choice.  Whether it is Hindi or English.  With this device, we can make our home a smart home.
                                     We can control door bell fan lights etc. of our house    

3. Smart Watch

smart watch

You will find ismart watch in the market.  Smart watch are providing different companies in the market.  Ismart watch connects to our smart device mobile.  Almost all functions of mobile are available in smart watch, whether it is WhatsApp or any message.  Whether to talk to anyone.  Smart watch gives all the facilities.  A call can also come in this watch.  Can call anyone.  We use this watch as a smartphone.
          This watch also takes care of your health.  Your location and where you are going.  Where are you coming from  Will show you about GPS.  How much are you moving in the day?  Or how much running.  Will also tell about your body.  So that you can take care of your health.

 4. LED Light

here image led light

       We are now telling you about a device that will transform your house into a smart house.  We are talking about LED light.  This LED light is special.  That we can control this light from our smartphone sitting anywhere.  Whether it is in your home or outside.  We can control it from anywhere. The light gets connected to our smartphone.  And we control it with the Internet.  And the second biggest feature is this.  
            That you can light the color in the color you want from this bulb, from your mobile.

5. Outlet plug (female plug)

wifi smart plug and outlet

 Now we are telling you about such a device that can make your home a smart home for less cost.  Electric switch or plug.  This is a female plug.  This plug is connected to our smartphone.  We can turn it off from our mobile phone only.  That too while living somewhere.  Because this device is connected to the Internet.  Then you can go on off from anywhere.

 With this plug, you can add any device and turn that device into a smart device.  You can buy this plug from your need, this will also reduce your electricity expenditure.  Because you will be able to control your home lights while sitting somewhere.

thank you


Wednesday, July 1, 2020

How to clean battery acid and in car inverter battery

How to clean battery acid
And in car

Inverter battery how to clean


We need to clean the battery when carbon comes at the positive and negative point of the battery.  And the battery is not able to supply full current.  If the battery cell is full of garbage because often people open the battery cap while charging.  Then the battery also has to be cleaned to remove that waste.  After some time, the wires in the battery also get damaged, then they also have to be cleaned.
          That is why we need to clean the battery. Let us tell you how to clean the battery.

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Power off of inverters

First of all we have to turn off the power of the inverter.  The charging of the battery stops only after the inverter is powered off.  If you do not turn off the power of the inverter then it will be very dangerous for you to clean the battery.  Therefore, first turn off the power of the inverter.  After that, remove the switch in the output of the inverter. Now you have to see if there is any line other than the inverter and battery connected to the inverter or the battery.  If a wire is connected to an inverter or battery, it should also be disconnected.


2. Unscrew the battery wire net

Let me tell you what are the nets in the battery.  It is wired.  He cannot open by hand. For that, you have to bring 13 number and 14 number key.
When the nuts on the positive and negative points of the battery are opened, you will press the point with the other hand.  Otherwise a positive or negative point may break.

3. If you change the battery water also

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If the water of the battery has to be changed, then for that, the battery has to be taken in a place where the place is not useful.  Because the battery water completely spoils the floor.  So try to make the battery go out of the house and drop its water.

   keep in mind.  While draining the battery water, you have to be very careful to ensure that the water does not fall on your clothes or your body. Because the battery water is acid.
     So to remove the water from the battery, select the location accordingly.

4. Clean the negative positive point of battery

         Baking soda:-    Baking soda is required to clean the negative positive point of the battery.  Which we also call as eating soda.  Put two spoons of baking soda at the point of the negative and positive battery. A brus is required to clean the negative and positive point.  Whether it can also be a toothbrush.  After adding baking soda, pour some water over it.  Then he has to clean the point with a brush.  After that, the other point has to be cleaned in the same way.  And watered down.


5. If there is no baking soda, you can take hot water.

If you do not have food soda.  So you can use hot water.  You pour hot hot water at the negative and positive point and keep it clean with Bruce as well.  And by adding nut bolts to the battery in hot water, they will also be cleaned.

6. Fill water in battery

If the battery water has changed, then you have to put distilled water in it.  Distil water is to be poured as much.  Do not fill the water up to the top.  Have to keep it a little lower.  If the battery has a meter in each cell.  So fill only the green sign made in that meter.  Until the meter reaches the green sign.

After cleaning the battery, clean the battery from all sides with a bad cloth before putting it on the inverter again.  There should be no water around the battery.  After that you put Girish on the battery points.  As a result, carbon will not be applied to the negative and positive points of the battery for a long time.
               Make sure before placing the wire on the negative positive points of the battery.  Connect the positive point of the battery to the positive point of the inverter. And connect it from the negative point of the inverter to the negative point of the battery.
           If there is still a problem, then you can comment and tell me, I will be very happy to help you, thank you

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Mobile phone tower radiation side effects and benefits for health



Today we are going to tell about the side effects of mobile. You must be aware that in today's time, every country is trying to make it digital. In today's time, digital devices are being used everywhere in every country, mobile computers are the main in these devices. For this reason, today's youth has become addicted to mobile and internet, which is very dangerous for the body of internet and mobile addiction.
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Symptoms of mobile addiction

        If you check the mobile before going to bed and check it again after waking up, while talking to friends, your mobile repeatedly sees your notification, you see something else, keep the mobile with you at bedtime when you are discharged.  If you feel restless inside then understand that you are addicted to mobile.     

effecte on body

   Mobile addiction also affects your body.  For example, you may suffer from diseases like ears, neck pain, finger pain, nervousness, restlessness. Similarly, we tell you about some mobile addiction research.
Click here:- do you know best mobile for you When people get addicted to mobile internet laptop digital devices, then they take them to digital detox.


Digital detox is an Internet device discharge center where no device is forbidden to use, and neither can use the Internet. We will tell you further about where digital detox camps are.

           Digital detox brings people who suffer from nomophobia and fomo 

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    nomophobia:-  Symptoms of Nomophobia such as fear of not having a mobile phone, fear of battery discharge and irritability when going outside the internet coverage area.

    Fomo :- fear of missing out (fomo) 

This means that people begin to understand that they will not know the outside world without mobile.

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To get rid of such addiction, our camps have started opening in countries, which we call digital detox. Let us tell you about some digital detox camps.


   China:-   People of China are giving about $ 9000 to ₹ 600000 to get rid of mobile and internet addiction.  Here, military training is kept busy.   

  California in America :-  There are different ways to get rid of this addiction.  Where people have fun.  Talk to each other, play games.

   South Korea :- It has the highest internet usage here compared to the whole world.  The number of digital detox comps is increasing here.
   Britain :-  People of this country are also resorting to digital detox.  In Britain, 34 percent of people have tried to stay away from the Internet for 1 month on their own by getting upset with the net, while 15 million people have tried to stay away from the Internet.  16% believed that she chose a place for vacation where there is no internet.


  1.  According to Time magazine, 68% people keep mobiles with them at bedtime.  20% people check their mobile every 10 minutes.
  2. According to Pew Research, 44% of people keep their mobile near their pillow.
  3. According to public library of science, The more time people spend on Facebook, the more upset they are in their real life.
During the treatment, a psychiatrist survey found that only 15% of the people used in mobile use.
    According to Delhi's All India Institute of Medical Science, these companies do not give the correct report of radiation.  These studies do not reach any conclusion either.  Or tell about weak research.
    Israel's hadassah medical center professor, Doctor Debra Davis, says

       A person talks 6 minutes.  Which half of his mouth becomes red.  m.r.i.  I can know you.  How much can happen when using the phone for a long time.

  Debra Davis's speech was given at a program at Melbourne University.

    Debra Davis's says.  That mobile radiation increases the risk of cancer.  In addition, sperm count is also less in men.  And women who are pregnant.  The effect of radiation on their baby also happens.  That the baby's head may be small at birth.  Or it may also suffer from hyperactivity.  

Benefits of mobile

    Mobile has a huge advantage in today's world.  Which is not possible without you.  Mobile has also saved 10.  The works which were done 30 years ago by letter.  So those tasks took time.  But today does not take time.  Now all the work is started from mobile.  For example, in order to work in banks, it had to be in lines.  But today, work with it, we can do it from our mobile.  Someone has to give information somewhere.  So let's use mobile.  With the help of this mobile, we can find our device and any person or sister.  Where he is.  Which sounds via GPS.  The whole world is in his fist in mobile.  We can do whatever we want.  With mobile, we get a lot of work done.  In olden times, we used to read stories.  Like that of Alauddin's lamp.


  Source- zee news dna test

Sunday, May 31, 2020

How many days of battery distilled water to fill in golf cart in deep cycle and work

how many days of battery distilled water fill for battery inverter, in car, in deep cycle, golf cart to add to car, how many days of battery distilled water works

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1. Battery
             In normally language, A battery is a device in which electricity is stored. Nowadays batteries are used in most devices. Mobile, toys, game, light, inverter, UPS. Golf cart etc. I will try tell you about battery something today. The people are used to  battery inverter almost in India.
Deep cycle battery image

2. Types of battery

   Normally there are two types of batteries. Starting (cranking) and second deep cycle.

A. Starting (cranking)
         You will often see in your homes a battery fitted with inverters.  That's Starting battery(cranking). You will see in car , truck etc. That a battery for start to engine. Normally this battery is 60ah to100ah . 

B. Deep cycle battery
        You will know very little deep cycle battery . Because This battery is expensive. But the life of this battery very longer  than other batteries. This battery is both gel and acid. But very costly batteries off gel. 
 You can use this battery for 20 years.
 You can discharge this battery yet 80%.  This battery are used in solar system. Deep cycle battery can be charged for a long time and discharge also a long time.
There are very costly of gel battery. Battery are used the signal auto rickshaw BSNL railway signal etc .

3. When to change battery water and filled
        If youIf your battery is new then its water should be checked in 6 months. And you should change water after 1 year. 6 cell in battery and there is a water metre every in cell. point the upper side  you will see green mark and down side red mark .   You have to add water in the battery so that its point is shown on the green mark.  You  should check the water in battery every after 2 month when your battery is 2 years old. 

4. Distal water
   You should used only distilled water in your battery. 
       If you don't get distal water
If it rains, then you can store the water of that rain. Because rainwater is also distilled water
If you have deep cycle gel battery
Don't change gel.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

How to sale old inverter and other device on OLX

How to sell old inverter? How to sell old any  device? From house

If you want sell any device or old inverter so don't worry , today I will tell you some type for sell , Which can easily sell any device from your home. But I will tell you how to sell inverter.


Following are the methods of selling old inverters and other devices can also be sold through these methods.  Without any problem even from his home.

1. OLX-

      OLX is an online platform where old items are sold. This is a website.On this side you can sell any object.  Whether old or not, you can also keep its price according to your wish. This side, this side open  your browser, firstly sign this website. On this site you have to create your account first.  If you can't create an account then comment me.  I will help you. Then you have to provide your location. after that open the type page 

Source -mobile screenshot

After that blow see write sell   .
Than click on sell .

                         Source- mobile screenshot
After that click on sale.
Then you will see some options. Click on electric and application, after that you will see open a new page, after that click on kitchen and other application,  after that you will see a new page ,In which you will have to fill this page. First option

 1. Title 

 Name of the item you want to sell in the title, for example inverter, aur other device.

2. Description
     In the description, you have to give how the object is.  No one is broken.  About colour, about feature, how old is. For example, I tell you description of inverter.

        My inverter is from Philips Company and is 2 years old. It is 1 kilo watt.  There is no shortage inside it.  I have to take 2 kilowatt . That's it

3. Price
       you can tell your price.  How much is the price. Type your price.

          It is not that the prize you sell will be sold in that much.  The prize may also have to be reduced and the person taking it can also keep his price comment through.

2. By shop

      Whatever item you want to sell, you will go to the shop which is that item. Suppose the object is the inverter. I will go to electric shop. I will talk to  shopkeeper. I want to sell my inverter. Then reply shopkeeper yes or no. If the answer come in no that you should go another shop. So You can talk to that shopkeeper and sell to the inverters, but only the shopkeeper will tell your price.
              You can sell any product example inverter, mobile, furniture etc.

Thank you