How to do update system android play store | what do we need to update.

We can update our mobile like this, you should work step by step
How to do update system android play store  why update is needed


How to do update system android play store | why update is needed

You must have heard about your mobile update or you must have updated your mobile. This is a smartphone. There are many problems faced in updating mobile. We will tell you why the mobile is updated and why this update keeps coming.

    Why Update Smartphone

What actually happens is that whenever an app is made, coding is done to make it, only through that coding, option image tax in any application, all these are created in the application only by coding and a lot of that coding Due to the loss of data, that application comes in the form of MB or GB.

We tell you why this update comes now because whenever an application is running in our mobile or is there, then the company of the application keeps working on that application because of giving some new facility on that application, that means in the application. That company keeps coding on that app to add something new.

When the company gives some new facility in that app, then updates start coming in every mobile to bring that facility to all the mobiles so that the new facility which has come inside that app can know everything about that facility and Mobile companies keep giving updates from time to time so that the facility can come in your mobile too.

Mobile update comes in two types.

1. You will get repeated messages from the Play Store asking you to update the app. This means that the application which is in your mobile. Have to update them.
2.  The second Android asks for an update, meaning you have to go to the settings and update the system. You must have heard that Android new update has come, Android 10 update has come or Android 11 update has come.

First let me tell you how to update the application

 First of all we will go to our play store. After that, on the right hand side, you will either have your photo above or there will be a place to put the photo. There you will click. You will see it   manage apps and device.
Then click on it then you will see it will be written  update available .
So you can update the application in this way

 How to system or Android version update

How can you update your system, first of all you will turn on the setting of your mobile, after that you will write in the search bar above your setting. Update or system update then you will see the option below system update, click on it. So your mobile means that your system will be updated. This will also happen when a new update has come in your mobile or else it will not happen.

What is NFC | how to use NFC in smartphone | NFC use in my life

We connect all our cards to smartphone via NFC
What is NFC | how to use NFC in mobile phone | NFC use in my life 

Use of technology NFC

You must have been a card customer many times in your life like ATM card, smart card, Or you are going in any vehicle. So your toll tax is deducted from the card placed on the front mirror of your car. we call it fastag card. The technology that is in Fastag card is RFIT. This technology can read the card even from a distance but NFC technology is not able to read the card from a distance. In NFC technology, the card has to be touched or held very close.

NFC use in my life 

You go to the metro station and out the card from your wallet. AFC means you put your card at the automatic fare collection gate and your money is deducted from your card.

You go to school or office, put your ID card on the device kept at the gate and you go to the office. And your arrival time gets registered. when you go. After that, when you return from the office, you put the same card on the same device. And your departure time is also registered in that device.

Let me tell you one more interesting thing. Answer: If you go to a fast food shop, you go there and order any food item for yourself and after eating you go to the payment counter and the man sitting there tells you the money and forwards his POS machine And you quickly take out your debit card and touch it on that machine and your payment is done with your debit card.

All this happens because of NFC technology. Everywhere work is done for different reasons whether it is metro, time entry in office or payment in a mall. When different types of cards are kept for. All these cards work on NFC. NFC means near field communication 

How would it be if you could do all these things in your smart device? We want to tell you that you can do all these things from your smartphone. All you need is your smartphone or smart watch. Now we tell you how you will be able to do it from your smartphone. 

What is NFC

 NFC means near field communication 

The technology that is in Fastag  card is RFIT. This technology can read the card even from a distance but NFC technology is not able to read the card from a distance. In NFC technology, the card has to be touched or held very close.

Let us tell you that you will have to download an app according to your need in your mobile, like in new smartphone Apple will have to download Apple Pay, from that you can make NFC payment, in the same way you will have to download on Samsung pay in Samsung mobile phone and you You can make NFC payments with it. RBI can pay only up to ₹ 2000 through NFC for safety, RBI has done this only for your own safety that you cannot pay more than once in a thousand, in the same way, you can use up metro card as much as your card. All you have to do is use their app and you can use NFC from your mobile. 

how to use NFC in mobile phone

You go to the settings of your mobile and type in the search bar above. So if your mobile will have NFC then in the below option you will be shown NFC. Which you have to turn on. Then after that you can use it.

 क्रिकेट के कुछ रोचक तथ्य 

How to clean my mobile phone without any apps


we can clean our mobile like this
we can clean our mobile like this

Clean my mobile phone without any apps  

In today's time, there are many things in everyone's mobile, extra file app, photo video, which we want to delete but for some reason we just can't. Because of this, our mobile hangs, runs hot or any app does not work. Then in such a situation we use the app for mobile or use any antivirus app. But what is happening is that when we have hang problem in mobile, then we download any app which can clean our mobile. 

 But on the other hand there is also a fear that our mobile data may not be stolen. Because nowadays a lot of fraud is going on, in this situation we should use the app very carefully. Otherwise we may have to suffer a great loss. Mobile has become such a device without which it is almost difficult to survive.

To overcome such a problem, we are telling you a method by which your mobile will be cleaned manually. And you will not even have to download any app because this app is available in almost 99% of all mobiles. And the name of this app is Google Files 

Google File

Perhaps many people must have known about this app. For those who do not know, I want to help in this, my purpose is also through the site I can help people.

First of all, go to the Play Store of your mobile and download the Google Files app, if it is not in your mobile. After downloading the app, you will open that app.

After opening the app, you will see three options at the bottom in which the first will be the clean option, the second browser, the third share, then after you click on the clean, you will have a screenshot of this method, now tell me there is a very good thing in this, you can select the data in it. You can delete it. This app will help you to delete your data and to recognize that this data is of your use. 

This app will help you to delete your data and to recognize that this data is of your use.

This app will also give you suggestions to clean your device. And you can clean your phone accordingly.

This app will tell you how many files are duplicate in your smartphone or your device, you can mark those files and hit delete. 

It will also show you how many junk files are in your files that you can clean.

You can't even imagine how useful it is for you, maybe it will help you so much now that you can't even imagine it. Divides your files into different parts, which makes it very easy for you to understand, due to which you can easily clean the mobile, understand and know which file is useful for you is.

what should i do my phone is very slow

 We all buy mobiles, that smartphone runs fine for a few days, after that it starts working slow. And we keep fighting with that. Because we do not know the way to correct it, due to which we keep running the smartphone as it is running. 

If you are troubled by the slow running of your mobile, then you can adopt this method.
what should i do my phone is very slow

image source -

If your phone is slow then follow this method

So don't worry about this problem today. We will give you some such tips. Due to which you will be able to correct your mobile or smartphone.

Extra Notification Off

First of all, you will go to the settings of your mobile, after that the setting page will open, then in its search bar, you will write app notifications, after that you will see the complete list of apps. Some notifications will be kept on and some notifications will be off. But what you have to do is get the notification you need. Just keep it on and turn off all other notifications.

Storage Space

After that, you have to make space in your storage, that means all the extra files that will not be used, those files have to be deleted from your storage, try to save all the files in it by putting external storage.

Delete Apps You Don’t Use

If the number of apps in your smartphone is more then due to this also your mobile will run slow because the number of your apps can run according to your RAM.  You will have to delete or uninstall all those apps that are not used in your mobile.

Use website instead of application

In today's time, the use of mobile laptop smartphones is very high, you must be seeing that the need of laptop is also increasing day by day in today's time. For this reason, many websites have apps and they are running side by side, but in smart phones most of the people use the app and on laptops most of the websites are used, 

then some which are such apps. Where we come to do the same work on the website. And do the same work on the app, then in such a situation I would say that you use the website. Uninstall the app. This will have less effect on your love. So if there is such an app in your mobile that we can run the work from the website, then install such apps and use the website instead.

 Are the data cables shot? 

Sometimes what happens is that our data cable is about to  not shot. If there is a shot, then it should be replaced immediately. Because your mobile can also be slow due to data cable.

Operating System Update

Your mobile gets updates from time to time. This should be taken care of. You type your settings in the search bar 'Software Update, Or you are given a message from the software. So if you don't update. then your phone will run slow


If you want to take best smartphone of your choice then follow this method


Choose the mobile of your choice like this
Mobile choice problem solved

Source:- Google Images

Choose the smartphone of your choice

Often there is a lot of confusion in choosing a mobile.  We are not able to decide which mobile we should take which is not.

So today we are going to tell you a way by which you can choose the mobile of your choice and you will be hundred percent satisfied for it.

We take most of the mobiles online only, offline such good mobiles or details about them are not available, so most of the people prefer to buy mobiles online, in which we can see a lot of variety and can also choose our choice.

We tell you how we can do the mobile of our choice from one such company Amazon.

First of all go to amazon side or

As soon as we open the app. Then we will click on mobile option. Then you will see something like this. after that you will come down .So you will see written

 find the right smartphone for you                                                                         as written below

Choose the mobile of your choice
find the right smartphone for you

source - mobile screenshot  

 You have to give some of your details here. After that you will get the result

Some details to get the smartphone of your choice

click on  find the right smartphone for you  after that you will see this type screen

RAM according to you
 how much RAM smartphone do you want

You must be in your mind that how much RAM smartphone do you want?
you will get the option to fill RAM . How much RAM do you  need? You can give your choice according to your work. In mobile, both work and speed are based on RAM.

Internal memory for your smartphone

Now let's move on. Now we will go down in the mobile, you will see another option where it will be written internal memory, now we have to fill the internal memory according to our need.
Internal memory for your smartphone

Internal memory for your smartphone

camera for your choice smartphone

You must be watching these days. That the mobile which does not have a good camera, the demand for that smartphone also decreases. That is, every person wants that the camera of his mobile is good. For this, Amazon has also given the option of filling the camera in it. You can fill how many megapixels the camera needs according to your choice. According to your need. as you wish.

With this you will also get a selfie camera of your choice. In this also you will get the option to fill the selfie camera, in which you can fill the camera according to the megapixels of your choice.

Battery for your choice smartphone

After this you get the option that how many mAh you need battery in your smartphone, you have any option is also given, you can fill this option by your own steps as per your choice.

Display for your choice smartphone

After this, you will also get the option to fill the display of your choice, there you can fill the display of your choice, in which quality do you want the display and how big you want.

I hope if you buy a mobile or smartphone in this way, then you will definitely be able to get the mobile of your choice.

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