Saturday, April 25, 2020

Mosquito ultrasonic device, Mosquito and insect repellent. Electric mosquito killer

Ultrasonic device for mosquito and insect
Mosquito killer electronic device

Yes I am telling you about new device when moscato and insect throughout the house. That's name  mini insect. This device  available on Flipkart. Only on 199 rs. If you want buy this. So click this link.

How does the device work?

   There is no refill in this device. This device does work on sound basis. Frequency of this device 21Khz to 25 Khz
 But don't worry this device will not disturb you in your comfort. The ultrasonic sound waves of this device affect the insect's nervous system.Due to which insect  run away from this sound waves.

      Feature of device

Weight of this device-. 50 gram
     UV light power.      - 2 W
                  Size.           -.   Pocket size

How to use 
 This device is electric device
Only 2w
This device can you in any electric board
Just as mobile charger 

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