How many days of battery distilled water to fill in golf cart in deep cycle and work

how many days of battery distilled water fill for battery inverter, in car, in deep cycle, golf cart to add to car, how many days of battery distilled water works

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1. Battery
             In normally language, A battery is a device in which electricity is stored. Nowadays batteries are used in most devices. Mobile, toys, game, light, inverter, UPS. Golf cart etc. I will try tell you about battery something today. The people are used to  battery inverter almost in India.
Deep cycle battery image

2. Types of battery

   Normally there are two types of batteries. Starting (cranking) and second deep cycle.

A. Starting (cranking)
         You will often see in your homes a battery fitted with inverters.  That's Starting battery(cranking). You will see in car , truck etc. That a battery for start to engine. Normally this battery is 60ah to100ah . 

B. Deep cycle battery
        You will know very little deep cycle battery . Because This battery is expensive. But the life of this battery very longer  than other batteries. This battery is both gel and acid. But very costly batteries off gel. 
 You can use this battery for 20 years.
 You can discharge this battery yet 80%.  This battery are used in solar system. Deep cycle battery can be charged for a long time and discharge also a long time.
There are very costly of gel battery. Battery are used the signal auto rickshaw BSNL railway signal etc .

3. When to change battery water and filled
        If youIf your battery is new then its water should be checked in 6 months. And you should change water after 1 year. 6 cell in battery and there is a water metre every in cell. point the upper side  you will see green mark and down side red mark .   You have to add water in the battery so that its point is shown on the green mark.  You  should check the water in battery every after 2 month when your battery is 2 years old. 

4. Distal water
   You should used only distilled water in your battery. 
       If you don't get distal water
If it rains, then you can store the water of that rain. Because rainwater is also distilled water
If you have deep cycle gel battery
Don't change gel.
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