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                 Any knowledge discipline is hard to define.
Firstly, because it evolves continuously.
Secondly, because the range of phenomena it
studies cannot be captured by any one
definition. This is even more true of psychology.
Long time back, students like yourself were told
that the term psychology is derived from two
Greek words psyche meaning soul and logos
meaning science or study of a subject. Thus,psychology was a study of the soul or mind.
But since then it has moved away considerably
from this focus and established itself as a
scientific discipline which deals with processes
underlying human experience and behaviour.
The range of phenomena it studies, some of
which we mentioned above, are spread over
several levels, viz. individual, dyadic (two
person) group, and organisational. They also
have biological as well as social bases.
Naturally, therefore, the methods required tostudy them also vary greatly depending on the
phenomenon one wants to study. A discipline
is defined both in terms of what it studies and
how it studies. In fact, more in terms of how or
method/s it uses. Keeping this in view,
psychology is defined formally as a science
which studies mental processes, experiences
and behaviour in different contexts. In doing
so, it uses methods of biological and social
sciences to obtain data systematically. It makes

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For the first time in India, the Department of Psychology was formed at Kolkata University.

  1. Book and writer

In 1890 book of William  James published PRINCIPLE OF PSYCHOLOGY"

 2. In 1928 N.N. Sengupta and Radhakamal Mukerjee
publish the first textbook on Social
Psychology (London : Allen & Unwin).

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 3. B.F. Skinner publishes ‘Science and
Human Behaviour’, strengthening behaviourism as a major approach to

Source:- ncert 11 class psychology book

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